Man with a Movie Camera, 1929

Sunless, Chris Marker, 1982.

The Bliss of Forest, Robert Gardner, 1986.

The Salt of Earth, Wim Wanders, 2014.

Leviathan, Lucien Taylor, 2012.

Cathedrals of Culture, 2014.

Chronicle of a Summer, Jean Rouch and Edgar Moren, 1961.

Moi, un noir, Jean Rouch, 1959.

Regan/Rain, Joris Ivens, 1929.

Nanook of The North, Robert Flaherty, 1922.

Titucut Follies, Frederick Wiseman, 1967.

Primary, Robert Drew, 1960.

Waltz with Bashir, Ari Folman, 2008.

Salutat les Cubains, Agnes Varda, 1963.

Everybody Street, 2013.

Forest of The Dancing Spirits, 2013.

Whose is this Song? Adela Peeva, 2003.

20.000 Dana na Zemlji, 2014.

Finding Fela, 2014.

Concerning Violance, 2014.

Suđenje u Mađarskoj, 2014.

Life Itself, Roger Ebert, 2014.

Manakamana, 2013.

 Blackfish, 2013.

Grizzly Man, 2005.

Baraka, 1992.

Man on Wire, 1974.

We come as friends, Hubert Sauper

Oči i uši Boga, Tomo Kriznar

Regan, Joris Ivens, 1922.

The WolfPack, 2015.

Dugme od sedefa, 2015.

Taxi, Jafar Panahi

Dangerous Acts, 2015.

Oni osecaju da vatra gori, 2015.

Amy, 2015.

What happened miss Simone? 2014.


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