Let the body talk (facial tattoos)

In the African societies, facial tattoos or scarifications always were a symbol of the social statuses. One would usually get a scarf during the ritual ceremonies (weddings, hunts, celebration of adulthood, pregnancy, etc.).

But, what do you see when you observe popular facial tattoos in the European societies?

Mark Leaver is a social photographer and he has to say something about it. One of his latest projects called Tattoos represents a mistery of the body decoration. What is always interesting about tattoos in the European context is the reason behind it.

Sometimes is just a body decoration, the way people describe beauty or attractiveness. Sometimes is the way someone feels about specific life occasion they want to be forever remembered. People often like to be seen as somebody else. Tattoos can make them look differently but what is a permanent question is how they feel “inside”.

The amazing portraits  made by Mark Leaver definitely made me wonder about a “secret life” behind these facial tattoos.




“During Touka Voodoo’s interview he told me he had a sex change operation to become a man and that the tattooing on his face, which he did in the mirror himself, represented both his masculinity and femininity”, says Mark.






For more photos check Mark’s website (http://www.mdleaver.com/tattoos#12).


Motorbike – Vietnamese “magical carpet” and the floral sun protection


For Vietnamese, a motorbike is not just a vehicle, but an essential part of one’s existence and a specific cultural metaphor. At the moment, Vietnam has more than 37 million of motorbikes. The number of motorbikes continues to rise and creativity always finds its place to comment the change.

The award-winning documentary photographer Christian Rodriguez has made his photo project called “Motobike”. Rodriguez is a photographer interested in topics such as identity and gender, so the fact that more than a half of motorbike drivers are women stroked his artistic language. In this collection, he photographed a new design of the female motorbike jackets which cover the whole body. It is believed that females in Vietnam should take care about their skin color and think about their social status while riding the bike. Different social changes bring the certain norms of behavior visible. Christian Rodriguez made a representative photo collection of it.

Official Taste Of #Cohubiting

Last month I’ve been designing from southern Spain and Portugal, soaking up inspiration in the spirit of the coast and  getting lost in colorful details of Portugueseazulejos. The charm of Iberia.
Keywords for this winter: middle of December in Malaga, Christmas in Granada, New Year with Setubal family.

From January the 7th I’ve joined COHUBITING, coworking and coliving in a shared beach house. This month we are in Faro.


It’s last day of the month. I am listening to Nouvelle Vague, sitting by the orange- tiled table, barefoot, with the view on the lagoon, with background sounds of cheerful people enjoying this summer- January- beach day.


This morning Kaisu realized this is our last Sunday in Vera’s café, and it made us all a bit sad. We will miss our morning gatherings, just one of our small daily traditions.


Who would say the 10 am coffees could be so prolific? Plans have been made, new ideas were born. In what kind of company you could share your plans for today while drinking out meia de leite on a sunny terrace?


Being with the right people on a right place does magic.
A day continues in our working place (big living room filled with light and Spotify sounds).
There is something about being in a space where people are working on things they are enjoying. Some kind of strong energy and enthusiasm that makes you engaging even more to your working process. (And there is  a bit of feeling guilty doing nothing when everybody else is in a super- productive mood.)
Time before dinner  is reserved for most beautiful sunsets. There is no better thing to do after working hours than witnessing the most beautiful end of the day. Every single day was a  different experience. Our phone galleries speak for itself, mainly filled with photos of the sky.
I still have seven more mornings in Faro, with the irreplaceable moment of Atlantic wind waking me up, while falling in love anew with the view of the lagoon.
In seven days whole group is moving to Spain, and getting more members into our small #cohubiting family.
See you in Gandia.